Frequenty Asked Questions

Our FAQs are split into two sections, one for clients requesting expertise from a barrister and the other for chambers and barristers providing services to clients.


For Clients Looking for Legal Expertise

Q. How does BriefaBarrister work?
BriefaBarrister is a new way of accessing top expertise when you require legal advice or representation. Visit our How it Works page for a full description on how the service works.
Q. What kind of information should I provide when I post an enquiry on BriefaBarrister?
Your enquiry could be shared with multiple Barristers so only provide the bare minimum of information which enables them to understand the context, nature and scale of the situation. Avoid any names, specific figures, accusations, rhetoric, locations, dates, etc. You will have plenty of time to share all the details once you have been contacted personally by a Barrister and they have a formal agreement in place to be your advocate and provide advice. Until that time you will not have any client privilege.
Q. How long does it take for a Barrister to contact me?
Immediately after you complete your online enqiry for legal help our system will send an email to a number of the chambers and barristers in our directory that are most suited to help you. You should then hear from up to 3 barristers within 21 days.



For Chambers & Barristers

Q. How do I update my directory information?
The best way to update your directory information is to Join BriefaBarrister and use our online tools to edit your information yourself. Managing your information is free and easy, simply go to the Join page to begin.
Q. How do I join BriefaBarrister?
Use our Join page to begin managing your directory listing and setup the ability to receive enquiries from clients using the BriefaBarrister web site.