How It Works

BriefaBarrister is the simplest way of accessing the broadest market of expertise when you require legal advice or representation from a barrister. Whether you are a solicitor, corporate counsel, other legal professional or a member of the public going direct, Briefabarrister can help you rapidly connect you with, and get quotes from, barristers relevant to your specific case.

Three simple steps:

Step 1 - Post your requirements on the system for free.
Step 2 - Receive contact from up to three barristers.
Step 3 - Communicate and negotiate directly with your preferred choice of barrister.

So what's the difference with BriefaBarrister's solution?

  • There is no need to call around multiple chambers trying to find out about available expertise.
  • If you are a member of the public you need to figure out which chambers or barristers are relevant for your case; The system and the self-selection of barristers does that for you.
  • Enables you to compare, and ensure you are getting a competitive rate.

But how do you find the right barrister for your particular circumstance?

When you outline your situation (in complete confidence) in the enquiry, it will be shared anonymously with barristers who have declared themselves capable and qualified to meet your requirements.

Our database contains experts in every area of the law, from corporate contract disputes, immigration, family law, to criminal offences. You can browse the online directory at your discretion.